Welcome to the Official Church of England Guild of Vergers Website. The website has been designed to keep members of the Guild informed about what’s going on in and around the Guild, to provide a resource of useful material, and also to encourage new members – particularly those who feel they have a vocation within the Church of England to one of the many forms of lay ministry under the wide-ranging title of Verger.

Each Verger is at the forefront of the Church’s ministry of hospitality, welcome, care (of people, buildings and sacred things) and outreach in one form or another. Ours is a vitally important task and whatever your particular range of duties or title – you are welcome here! We hope you will find great enjoyment and fulfilment in your role and make many friends in this historic Guild community. particular range of duties or title – you are welcome here! We hope you will find great enjoyment

We hope that you find this a useful resource and will use it often! If you have any further questions, or wish to know more about the Guild, nationally or in your area, do please contact one of the National Officers. The first port of call is usually the General Secretary.  If you are considering joining the Guild and would like information and advice about Membership etc…please contact the General Secretary.

To contact the General Secretary click here: CEGVGenSec@gmail.com 
or write to:
The General Secretary
The Church of England Guild of Vergers
Kemp House
152 – 160 City Road
To contact any of the other National Officers please visit the National Contacts page.

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 John Kirby-Shearer, MA, Dip GV (Honoris), FCEGV
National Chairman

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are seeking to appoint a New Chaplain in 2020. For further information please go to the Job Vacancies page on this site.

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