Chaplain’s Message

Canon MaureenI am so pleased that the website for the Church of England Guild of Vergers has been refreshed and renewed. The members of the Guild are so scattered, and although some work with others in Cathedrals and large Parish Churches where there is community and support, the majority work alone where sometimes they must feel very isolated. I hope that the website will keep us all up to date with the doings of the Guild, the progress of Training and the necessity of prayers for those who are in need or sickness.

The operation of the website is the responsibility of us all: for however good our webmaster is, it is us, the members who will keep it interesting and lively. Please let Marek Barden have comments, details of meetings and other materials that you think would be of general interest, before the time that they happen so that even though we may not be with you in person, we shall be with you in prayer and thought.

My greetings to you all
Canon Maureen